The Najim Challenger Learning Center Grant is awarded to Title I classes to provide professional development resources for the teachers and a unique STEM education experience for their students. The grant covers a Challenger Learning Center mission and a planetarium show.  Click here for the Najim Grant Form 2019-2020

The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association AFCEA, Alamo Chapter 2019-2020 Grant is awarded to classes with underrepresented students to provide them with Challenger Learning Center Mission and planetarium show experiences.  2019-2020 AFCEA Grant available soon.

Here is a list of grants that you can use toward a Mission or Planetarium Show at Scobee or to increase STEM in your classroom: STEM Grant List

Challenger Pre-Mission Training

  • All Teachers who are registering for a mission must attend a free Pre-Mission Training.  Earn 2-4 hrs of CPE’s. Once you are registered for a mission you will receive the registration link for Pre-Mission Training.
    • FALL:
    • SPRING
      • Expedition Mars
        • Jan. 25, 2020   9:00 am-1:00 pm
        • Expedition Mars Pre-Mission Registration
      • Earth Odyssey
        • Jan. 14, 2020 5:00 pm-7:00 pm
        • Earth Odyssey Pre-Mission Registration
      • Lunar Quest
        • Jan. 16, 2020 5:00 pm-7:00 pm
        • Lunar Quest Pre-Mission Registration

Challenger MissionsGlove Box

Participants become Mission Control Specialists and Astronauts as they conduct a mission to space. Astronauts are transported to the simulated space module where they work, conduct experiments and resolve emergencies. Mission Control specialists are teamed with the Astronauts and provide research and critical information to make the mission a true success. All participants get the chance to be both Mission Control Specialists and Astronauts.

  • Mission Options
  • Group size
    • Minimum number of participants per mission: 20
    • Maximum number of participants per mission: 32
  • Chaperones (including Teachers)
    • Minimum: 2
    • Maximum: 4
  • Register now before your date is booked: 2019-20 CLC Registration form

Micronaut MissionsMicronaut Sorting

Our littlest astronauts have a blast exploring hands on STEM activities in the Space Station. Micronauts are transported the ISS where they become engineers as they build simple machines, rockets, satellites and use robotic arms, scientists as they experiment, use glove boxes and microscopes, and astronomers as they study the solar system and stars.

  • Geared toward students pre-K to 3rd grade
    • Maximum number of participants per mission: 20
  • Number of Chaperones (including Teachers) – dependent on age of group
    • Maximum: 10
  • Teacher Pre-Mission Training is required
  • Contact Ellen White for more information

Scobee Planetarium

  • Available for groups Monday-Thursday
  • Seats 100
  • Group rates available  ($100/40 seats)
  • 2019-2020 PLANETARIUM SHOWS with TEKS– Call or email our center for reservations.
    • The planetarium show catalog lists all shows, TEKS and Educator guides.
      • TEKS available for all shows
      • Educator guides available for many shows
      • Several shows available in Spanish and Closed Caption

Lunar and Meteorite Sample CertificationLunar and Meteorite Disks

  • Bring meteorites and the moon into your class!  State certified teachers can qualify to checkout and use lunar and meteorite disks in their classroom or event.  Each disk contains six samples of Lunar or Meteorite material in a 6″ diameter clear lucite disk. Upon checkout each disk is accompanied by written and graphic descriptions of each sample, a PowerPoint presentation; a teacher workbook; and additional materials. Earn 6 hrs of CPEs.
  • Contact us for training dates and registration.

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Education Staff

Academic Program Coordinator/Lead Flight Director –

Planetarium Coordinator – Michelle Risse

Academic Education Specialist/Flight Director – Celina Terrones

Academic Education Specialist/Flight Director – Deanna Villarreal

Micronaut Specialist – Ellen White

Planetarium Staff – Augustine Frkuska

Reservations Email – Reservations and Requests

Center Administration

Center director – Rick Varner

Coordinator of Program Development – Roxanne Barrera